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The Asian Regional Energy Initiative of the IEI


  • Training programmes/workshops on Electricity Planning:

    When requested, the IEI-Asia has been conducting training workshops to demonstrate methods of energy planning, particularly to personnel of electricity utilities from India and other Asian countries. These were computer-based training sessions on integrated planning procedure -- the construction of demand scenarios, estimation of the costs of supply and conservation technologies and derivation of least-cost schedules. [
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    Extensive notes were prepared by the IEI team for distribution among the participants; these included both theory and worksheets accompanied by step-wise instructions. The methods applicable to electricity were extended to other sources of energy, demonstrating their adaptability to analogous situations.
  • "Hands on" training for biogas generation and the use of biogas:

    Biogas can be generated through the anaerobic digestion of organic wastes collectible from farm-based activities. The methane component of biogas can be used for fuelling stoves and also for powering electricity-generators. IEI-Asia has constructed biogas-digesters of various sizes and in several locations. At each site, prior to the commencement of the use of the system, the users were shown what had to be done for the fuelling and maintenance of the digesters, as well as the maintenance of the piping system and/or the generator. Our continued involvement ensured that "hand-on" guidance was available even while the systems were in use.
  • Fellowships:

    Fellowships for the Master of Technology degree at the Department of Energy Systems Engineering of the Indian Institute of Technology (IIT-B), Mumbai, were provided during three sessions, for engineers from Indian utilities.