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The Asian Regional Energy Initiative of the IEI


In keeping with the IEI's efforts to facilitate energy analysis, the Asian REI tries to provide reliable information as required: for example, to consumers, on device efficiency and maintenance, to energy providers, on sources of energy such as non-conventional renewables, and to decision-makers and energy providers, on energy planning and policies.

  • IEI-pamphlets/brochures/hand books:

    These were intended as "ready reckoners" for consumers, on options for device improvement. Although based on exhaustive studies, they are written at the popular level, with charts indicating costs incurred and the energy use avoided for specific efficiency measures. These include pamphlets on the efficient use of industrial equipment motors, fans, pumps, compressors, and refrigerant compressors, on replacing electric water heaters with solar water heaters, and on improving the efficiency of domestic lighting through fluorescent and compact fluorescent lighting devices.  Recently, we have begun preparing concise manuals or "hand books" based on our field work and analyses of the same.  Thus far, these are on the implementation of energy generation based on the waste of remunerative farm activities.  Through these integrated projects, it is intended that both livelihood and energy-based services are improved, and thereby a better quality of life.

  • IEI-Workshop reports:

    Several workshops have been conducted to acquaint people with and provide information on new approaches to energy planning, to non-conventional sources of energy and to an increased scope for energy efficiency.  Course materials for these workshops were prepared in-house and include information on topics such as global trends in energy use, the current approach and resulting problems of electricity planning in India, least-cost power planning (with the examples of Karnataka and other regions), barriers to energy efficiency, and case-studies of decentralized electricity generation.

  • Reference library:

    This library on energy issues located at the office of the Asian Regional Energy Initiative contains books, reports, papers, journals, as well as un-published reports prepared at the IEI.

  • Energy for Sustainable Development:

    IEI's Asian Regional Energy Initiative was involved in the establishment of Energy for Sustainable Development (ESD), the journal of the International Energy Initiative (IEI).  During the period 1994 2008, ESD (ISSN: 0973-0826) was prepared, published and circulated from Bangalore.  A CD containing all the issues of the first ten Volumes was also prepared.  The journal was intended as a medium of information exchange, for conveying the results of analytical and training efforts, and for sharing the lessons learnt from field projects.  Since 2009, ESD is published by Elsevier on behalf of IEI, but copies of all the 54 issues published from the Regional Energy Initiative - Asia are available at the library.