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+91 80 2353 8426

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Environmental Protection

The integration of environmentally-benign waste disposal with power generation has obvious benefits for the surrounding environment. It can also yield positive financial returns to the investor.

Coffee processing – effluent treatment- cum-electricity generation:
Technologies for the anaerobic digestion of waste from coffee processing have been in existence. Given the importance of coffee production to the South-Indian economy, it was considered useful to estimate the financial viability of investment in such a bioreactor. The biogas generated can be used for other energy services, while the effluent-discharge is rendered ecologically benign and water is recycled for non-potable uses.  An economic cost-benefit analysis of investment in such a scheme has therefore been made based on the case of a particular estate. Here, the profitability results from the replacement with biogas of a part of the diesel required for fuelling an electricity generator [Click here].