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Environmental issues

Coffee processing effluent treatment- cum-electricity generation:

The integration of environmentally-benign disposal of coffee-processing waste with power generation has obvious benefits for the surrounding environment.   The biogas generated through anaerobic digestion of coffee effluents can be used for fuelling energy services, while the effluent-discharge is rendered ecologically benign and water can be recycled for non-potable uses.  An economic cost-benefit analysis, based on the case of a particular estate, showed that it was profitable to use the biogas so produced to replace a part of the diesel required for electricity generation.  As coffee production is important in the South-Indian economy and suitable bio-reactors are available, this option was worth considering [click here].  With 100% biogas-fuelled engines now easily-available (and used for powering a village sustainably, as described in the Village energy services section), effluent conversion to biogas would be even more effective.

Environmental reform in the electricity sector: China and India:

A study of the environmental impacts of electricity generation in China and India, along with their control and mitigation, was carried out.  As Asia's largest and arguably most dynamic countries, the need for electricity in these countries has led to rapidly increasing generation capacity that has overridden environmental concerns.  Our study has developed an analytical framework consisting of identification of environmental policies and regulations affecting electricity generation, assessment of problems faced when implementing these policies and regulations, and finally, recommendations for surmounting the barriers encountered [click here].