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Efficient irrigation

Resource conservation and improved harvests:

This project demonstrates, at 50 small farms in the Ramanagara and Tumakooru districts of Karnataka state, the benefits of efficient irrigation, in terms of sustainable conservation of energy and water, as well as improved income and livelihood in rural communities.  The first phase of the project included the assessment of the existing (baseline) pattern of specified inputs to their fields – groundwater for irrigation, electricity for extracting the groundwater, and fertilizers (chemical or natural).  Once the baseline resource use was evaluated, a series of efficiency improvements with respect to resource use was implemented.  These included efficient water-pumping, efficient water application through micro-irrigation (drip and sprinkler) systems, and cost-effective and environmentally-beneficial soil enrichment.  After the implementation of efficiency-improvements, the resource use was re-assessed – electricity use on the basis of energy-meter-readings, water use on the basis of the flow rate per sprinkler or per micro-tube, and the farmers’ reported hours of use, and the reported manure use.  Agricultural output was also recorded.  Conservation of electricity and water, while increasing output, was thus proved [click here].  The project was selected for funding by the Wuppertal Institute for Climate, Environment and Energy through the 5th round of their Sustainable Energy Project Support (SEPS) programme.

Documenting irrigation efficiency in India:

We have compiled the information available, from published reports and papers as well as news bulletins, on the field activities and studies carried out with respect to efficient water extraction and use for agriculture over the past at least three decades.  Numerous programmes have been included – ranging from pilot projects at which a few pump sets were focused on, to large district-/state-wide programmes addressing thousands of pump sets.  Most involve the replacement/retrofitting of electrically-powered pump sets.  The purposes of this compilation were to begin a repository of information on attempts at efficiency improvements and to elicit lessons from past experiences that would benefit future programmes, thereby contributing to the conservation of energy and water  [click here].  This study was initiated and funded by the Prayas (Energy) Group, Pune.