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Clean cooking fuels

LPG for domestic use in India:

In this study, we have assessed the requirements for and barriers to increased supply of LPG for cooking in the rural and semi-urban areas of India.  The use of LPG was considered as a short/medium term option, i.e. a transition fuel or a complement to clean bio-based fuels that are preferable in many ways (discussed next).  Estimates of increased demand in alternative scenarios were made.  Attempts were also made to address the problems regarding increased LPG use in rural and semi-urban areas, particularly with regard to accessibility and availability.  The experiences with the expansion of LPG use in other countries and with earlier LPG/other cooking fuel programmes in India were also used to derive factors that would either help or inhibit the successful implementation of LPG use programmes [click here].

Biogas through integrated farm-based activities:

Biogas can be derived from the waste of many activities in rural areas.  Its calorific value and the availability of suitable gas stoves make it an alternative to other fluid stove-fuels.  But it can be produced less expensively and is associated with lower environmental impacts than petroleum-derived fuels that have to be distilled and transported over long distances to these areas.  At IEI-Bangalore, we have been designing enterprises at which biogas is derived from waste and used as stove-fuel (and also for powering electricity generation for other energy-services).  Implementation of such designs has been carried out in villages of adjacent districts, as discussed in the Village energy services section.