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The Asian Regional Energy Initiative of the IEI


In keeping with our mission, we have been analyzing the demand for the services derived through the use of energy and then assessing the alternative ways of meeting the requirements.  The alternatives extend from increased production and delivery of energy carriers, to efficiency improvements among energy-powered devices. Our assessments include technical, economic, and operational issues, and environmental impacts. 

During the past 26 years, we have completed numerous analytical studies -- quantitative and qualitative, at the micro and macro levels.  Based on these studies, reports have been prepared and/or papers published in the following fields: 

  • estimates of the requirement of power and electricity, in selected regions, based on end-uses (using the Reference Energy System, from primary sources in nature to energy useful for consumers);
  • the life-cycle costs of the feasible electricity generation and conservation options, from which least-cost schedules can be drawn up, for selected regions;
  • integrated resource planning (IRP) for the power sector, its use around the world and applicability & barriers to implementation in specific regions; 
  • efficiency improvement among common electrical devices used; issues for retrofitting/replacement;  
  • alternative renewable sources for electricity generation;
  • power sector restructuring and related issues; 
  • environmental impacts of electricity generation through various technologies - standards and regulation;
  • alternative fuels for cooking - production and delivery issues;
  • sustainable provision of rural energy services through integration of energy with income generation and other needs.

    Abstracts of the reports/papers are available. [
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