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  The Asian Regional Energy Initiative of the IEI

Our mission

We believe that energy is vital for development: the services derived through energy use can enable the fulfilment of basic needs, as well as poverty reduction and economic advancement.

But energy use has impacts on the surrounding environment, and on regional and global climate. These in turn determine if needs can be met at present and in the future, that is, if development is sustainable.

The use of energy-resources therefore needs to be:

environmentally-benign: preserving the surroundings and limiting negative impacts further away,

technically-efficient: producing higher output per unit of input,

economically-conservative: requiring lower costs per unit of output, and

equitable: empowering all with fair shares.

Hence, our mission at IEI-Asia is to promote through analysis, action, and advocacy - energy for sustainable development, with environmental harmony, along with technical and economic efficiency, and social equity.

Our strategy

In pursuit of this mission, we have been:

  • propagating an approach to energy in which the level of energy services is taken as the measure of development, rather than the magnitude of energy consumption and supply,
  • promoting increased energy services, through a rationally-determined mix of "hardware" "cleaner"/renewable centralized sources of energy, decentralized renewable sources and end-use efficiency measures,
  • addressing the "software" issues of policies, institutions, financing, and management, involved in the implementation of such a "hardware" mix,
  • providing rigorous assessments and thereby promoting emerging technologies of end-use efficiency improvement and renewable sources (including modern biomass-based technologies),
  • initiating and strengthening technological capability in energy analysis, planning and implementation,
  • contributing to the improvement of existing energy institutions and efforts,
  • demonstrating improved energy services in rural areas,
  • sharing the results of our studies and field experiences through papers/reports and training manuals.

Our working mode

The Asian Regional Energy Initiative pursues the IEI goals in India and other Asian countries. We have a small group of people who work independently as well as in collaboration with other groups and institutions.

We have been working on local issues as well as global problems, and have therefore been involved in both regional and international projects. Our activities include collection and sharing of information, quantitative and qualitative analyses, field demonstration, and publication for the purposes of training and advocacy.